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By Jeff Shaner Regional Product Manager - Soybean Lead

There is a big US crop out there. That may be a hard statement to hear for those who have suffered a loss due to nasty weather incursions this summer. But it is true, and it is true in many parts of the country. Not just corn...there will be a bonus soybean crop, too.

When a big crop is rounding the last bend and heading for home on your farms, there are still a couple of things that can dampen the joy at this point. Several of these that come to mind will not be within your realm of control. Diseases like Sudden Death Syndrome, Charcoal Rot and White Mold – you can’t fix them at this stage in the game. Weather delays your harvest beyond an optimal date – also not your fault. But oh, those pesky bugs! Stink bugs, Bean Leaf Beetles, Corn Root Worm Beetles, Grasshoppers, Soybean Aphids and others. They are all present and accounted for.

We are in the final days of August. Should we be concerned about insects anymore this year?

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