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Investing in the Success of Local Farmers

Our story began in a small town just over 35 years ago. Today, you’ll still find our headquarters in that very same small town and we wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s just something immensely rewarding about staying true to your roots. In fact, it’s really what drives our business. This seed company was started to provide local farmers with the best in seed and service. When everyone else was just taking seed orders, we were taking seed orders and building hands-on services around each and every one of those orders. In our opinion, it’s simply the only way to do business. After all, if a farmer is going to invest in our seed, we are going to invest in him. 


Agriculture has changed over the last 35 years but our commitment to invest in those we serve hasn’t. We’ve planted our roots deep and while our brand has grown beyond the borders of Kentland, Indiana, we’ve never lost sight of what matters the most: serving local farmers with the best in seed and service.  

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