Soy Success Leads to Corn Success

AgVenture VPMaxx Soybean and Corn Seed BagsA solid soybean program lays the groundwork for next year’s corn crop. Analyzing the right soybean varities and planting them in the fields ahead of your corn crop is an effective way to boost the yields of both crops. Here are some important factors to consider:

  • Choose varieties to protect against the prevalent diseases on your farm.
  • Use an aggressive fertility strategy, especially for potassium and manganese.
  • Apply Security Guard for broad spectrum protection and Security Squad for protection for Sudden Death Syndrome.
  • Attack initial weed flushes with a burndown and residual herbicide program.
  • Never let weeds get larger than 4-6"; apply post applications accordingly.
  • Schedule fungicide/insecticide applications to eliminate current pests and reduce infestations in next year’s corn crop.
  • Scouting is a must: weeds, insects and some diseases are treatable in-season.
  • Harvest early for higher yields, thus setting up tillage and fertility for next year’s corn success.
  • Defend your crop until it is in the bin.
  • At year end, reevaluate the corn/soybean rotation.


AgVenture D&M Yield Specialists help you select and manage an effective soybean strategy.



  • Selecting the proper soybean seed is one of the most important things to consider and will directly affect your yield potential and most importantly profit. There are many soybean varieties available with specialty traits such as SCN and SDS resistance, so it is important to learn which varieties will be best for you.


  • It is important and a matter of practice for farmers to regularly inspect their fields for field conditions, plant health and pest presence.


  • Planting your soybean seeds at the proper time of the year can affect the yield. Typically soybeans planted by May will produce a higher yield than those planted late.


  • A higher soybean seed population will close the canopy at a quicker pace and reduce soil moisture loss. Population should be coordinated with row widths and planting date.

Security Guard & Security Squad provides protection for a faster start and beyond.

  • Fungicide and insecticides are effective ways to protect your soybean seed and help maintain healthy plants during grain fill. 
  • A timely and careful harvest can assure extra bushels of soybeans. Harvest your plants when they reach maturity and have approximately 14% moisture to prevent cracking.


  • Although these guidelines are a good starting point, an expert should be consulted so that your field locations, soil type and farming practices can be considered to insure a productive and profitable crop. 

An AgVenture Yield Specialist will guide you through the proper steps, so you too can take advantage of higher yield and higher profit.