Experience Maximum Soybean
Protection & Performance

Soybeans have fast become known as the miracle crop with their many uses around the world. But are all soybeans the same? The answer is no. There are many soybean seeds on the market today that don’t meet the optimum levels of protein and oil. Sure, these soybean plants may boast huge yields, but consumers are looking to buy soybeans with quality too.

AgVenture® D&M delivers high quality and high yield soybeans.

AgVenture® D&M is dedicated to delivering high yields and quality seed. Using our industry expertise and unmatched local knowledge, we’ll help you match the right soybean varieties to your specific growing conditions. But we also go a step further with our soybean seed protection system – a system designed to protect your seed and help it grow to the max.

SecurityTM Guard® protects soybeans both above and below ground.

Our Security seed protection system provides powerful soybean pest protection, while AA2030 enhances the soybeans to improve the soybean’s natural growth capabilities. By combining these two technologies, AgVenture D&M gives you more protection and more growth than standard treatments..

Powerful Seed Protection

Two powerful fungicides insect
protection = Security

Optimal Nutrients for Growth

Enhanced nutritional capabilities improved
natural growth processes = Optimize


Pythium              Fusarium

Phytophthora       Rhizoctonia

Enhanced, more aggressive system

Improved nutrient and water uptake

Earlier and increased nodule development



Seed Corn Maggots

Overwintering Bean Leaf Beetles

Faster canopy closure

Accelerated emergence rate

Improved vigor and stand

In addition, Security Squad adds Sudden Death Syndrome protection with Ilevo, the most powerful seed protection and growth enhancement offered. AgVenture D&M soybeans are treated right at our Kentland, Indiana, facility ensuring you have access to protection for all your soybean acres.

Buy AgVenture D&M soybeans for your fields today.

Ask your AgVenture Yield Specialist about putting Security Optimize soybean to work in your fields next year. Contact us today or call (800) 933-0259.

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