Seed Tests

Seed quality is the number one factor in genetic performance. Our goal is to have all plants the same distance apart in the row, to have all plants emerge the same day and to get all plants to produce to their potential. Achieving exceptional seed quality can be assured by using the following tests: 

  • Tough Tray Cold Tests
  • Saturated Cold Tests
  • Tetrazolum Test


Below is a chart to see why top-quality seed is so essential: 


Planted Population of 32,000 - 192 Bushel Yield Goal
Germ % Living Plants Lost Plants Lost Yield Lost $ at $4/bushel
98% 31,360 640 3.84 bu/a $15.36/a
95% 30,400 1,600 9.60 bu/a $38.40/a
92% 29,440 2,560 15.36 bu/a $61.44/a
90% 28,800 3,200 19.20 bu/a $76.80/a