Crop Planning

A Crop Plan is basically a farmer’s guide to staying on track. It’s the number one mechanism used to help ensure maximum returns from every acre. And it’s the most important decision-making tool available to growers. Unfortunately, less that 25% of today’s farmers have developed a detailed Crop Plan for their farms. Those who do take the time to develop cropping plans average between 15-30% higher yields every year.

A complete Cropping Plan involves decisions on:

  • Crop selection to meet specific needs.
  • Setting HIGH performance goals (yield goals).
  • Selecting multiple varieties.
  • Matching specific fields to specific varieties.
  • Matching specific technologies with specific production plans.
  • Designing fertility programs to meet variety needs.
  • Planning pesticide programs to address current problems. 
  • The ability to forward contract once the plan is in place.
  • The ability to make decisions on commodity marketing.
  • Knowing your cash flow needs far in advance.

Cropping Plans are unique because:

  • They don’t base decisions on last year’s performance.
  • They get the planning done earlier.
  • They put the farm’s production cycle on the calendar.
  • They take the worry out of growing a crop.

Additionally, Cropping Plans help our growers to avoid planting the wrong variety in the wrong field, planting the same variety in the same field for more than two years in a row and basing next year’s plans on last year’s results.

Talk with your AgVenture Yield Specialist on setting up a Cropping Plan for your farm today.