10 Tips to More Profits

Want to make a difference in your overall performance? Follow these Top 10 Tips to More Profit. Our Maximum Profit System (MPS) grower members have and generated more profit than ever before on their farms!


Learn about the Maximum Profit System and how it will change the way you farm.
You’ll need to ask yourself some pretty tough questions such as: Do you believe in the concept of the MPS system? Are you willing to open your mind and try new things that will allow the MPS system to work? 


Discuss the changes you need to make to use MPS with your AgVenture Yield Specialist.
First, decide what has kept you from raising much higher yields in the past when varieties have had the ability to produce three to six times more yield. Then, implement the following changes:

  • Set higher goals.

  • Believe those goals are not only achievable but are in your control.

  • Begin planning much earlier – finishing your Cropping Plan prior to harvest.

  • Follow every step recommended in MPS, vowing never to skip a single step. 

  • Believe that input costs are not a factor in achieving maximum profits, therefore are not a consideration when employing the MPS strategy.


Apply MPS to your fields and use exclusive technology to develop a cropping plan that yields results. Utilize every technology available on every acre included in MPS


Match the right seed to the right acres. By working with your AgVenture Yield Specialist and our portfolio of more than 200 hybrid seed selections, you will realize a significant yield advantage. 75% of all varieties never yield to their full potential because they are planted in the wrong field. 


Evaluate which acres might have insect and disease challenges that could benefit from AgVenture Security and Security Plus Seed Protection Systems. That means you’ll need to use either AgVenture Security or Security Plus Seed Protection System on every acre you intend to plant. 


 Follow the most basic MPS protocols. 

  • Perfect soil conditions at planting – summer and fall conditions can dictate final crop. Focus on perfecting planting conditions, not planting early. 

  • Perfect seed placement – we recommend 4 mph and 2 inches deep or more. Stronger roots leading to exceptional plant development.

  • Exceptional nitrogen management

  • Exceptional seed quality

  • Place the right variety in the right field

  • Post-planning management


Evaluate fertility, herbicide and fungicide needs as well as proper rates and the best time to apply them. Believe that the maximum rates and number of treatments of all fertilizers and pesticides should be utilized without regard to input cost. 

  • Prevent and slow nitrogen volatilization by using N-loss inhibitors.

  • Make sure planters are equipped with row cleaners to get perfect seed placement and are equipped to apply starter fertilizer.

  • Rely on tissue testing throughout the season so fertilizer can be applied anytime and at just the right times the plant needs it, including foliar feeding.

  • Rely on foliar fungicides throughout the season whether or not the plant showed a need.


Attend AgVenture University (AVU) to better understand MPS. Growers are not well enough equipped to implement MPS without attending these formal, corn production workshops.

  • AVU sessions will be held somewhere throughout the AgVenture market area. 

  • MPS members are encouraged to attend at least two AVU sessions every year.


Re-evaluate the Cropping Plan while on the combine and make minor adjustments for the next season. Use your Cropping Plan as the guide to diagnose and make needed changes. Primary adjustments made within the Cropping Plan are not varietal; they are most often agronomic. AgVenture High Yield Specialists make the variety decisions and the true MPS grower understands why. 


Finalize your MPS strategy during harvest each year. Start harvest at 28% moisture to avoid phantom yield loss and allow plenty of time to prepare before the next crop is planted.

  • Go through agronomic checklist.

  • Take early delivery on inputs.

  • Ensure all spring equipment is in perfect working condition.

  • Make sure that proper fall tillage guidelines are followed to prepare the fields to overwinter.

Our MPS growers followed these and many other tips to boost their overall yield performance. However, probably the one thing that made the most impact was changing how they “thought” about raising a crop. They were much less focused on input costs and more concerned about how to achieve higher yields regardless of the cost.

If you are not yet signed up for our 300 bushel per acre challenge, do it today. It will not only change how you think about raising a crop, it will change your life.