Maximum Profit SystemTM

AgVenture Maximum Profit SystemThe AgVenture Maximum Profit System (MPS) is changing the definition of a successful harvest. Growers from across the Corn Belt are teaming with AgVenutre Yield Specialists to determine the best cropping program for their fields, set overall crop performance goals that take them beyond average yields.

Increase Bushels Per Acre & Maximize Corn Yields

You’re already an expert on crop production. You know to plant a field of corn. The Agventure Maximum Profit System is designed to enhance what you know and provide you with new ways that might help you break beyond common yield barriers. This unique farm planning tool provides breakthrough planting tips on growing corn as well as proven farming techniques. Your AgVenture DM Yield Specialist will work with you throughout the planting of your crops and the subsequent growing stages to help you protect your projected increase in corn yields.

MPS Step 1: Planning

To increase yields, you first need to do is establish a good crop plan. During the summer months, AgVenture DM will help you prepare for increased corn yields through an exclusive planning process.This includes fall tillage practices, matching the right hybrid corn seed to the right soils, and proper fertilizer applications for the next growing season.You'll enjoy the luxury of choosing from hundreds of high-performing hybrids that are engineered to work with your specific field conditions and planting practices.

MPS Step 2: Planting

Your AgVenture Yield Specialist will help you perform the industry’s best practices in planting techniques. We help you stay on top of current trends and work with you to employ new strategies that will work to boost your overall yield performance. In fact, many of our AgVenture Yield Specialists are in the fields with you while you plant, making sure your row spacing, planting depth and many other factors are on course for record-breaking yields.

MPS Step 3: In-Season Protection Step 3: IN-SEASON PROTECTION
In addition to helping you plant, your AgVenture Yield Specialist will work with you during the growing stages of your crop to protect your projected increase in yields. We'll monitor your fields with you to ensure no pests or diseases are threatening your crops and help you make planter adjustments for optimum, uniform emergence. Plus, we'll keep you informed on what's happening with other growers in your region and if there are any "red flags" for which you should keep watch.


MPS Maximizes Corn Yields Even In Unfavorable Conditions

Over the past years, several growers have gone beyond average using different varieties. The top grower registered in at 347 bushels per acre using a certified scale! While favorable environment conditions are always a plus when it comes to getting high yields, sometimes planting conditions are not conducive to raising higher yields. However, when you combine a carefully calibrated crop production strategy with almost any kind of environment, good things happen. That’s why many of our growers had such good success using our MPS. Take a look at the Top 10 things our MPS grower members did that made a difference in their overall performance to generate more profit than ever before on their farms.

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