Make the Most of Your Crop

Some seed companies say they'll help you raise yields to new heights, but AgVenture truly delivers. With the right seed varieties, a trusted Agventure Yield Specialist, and the principles of the Maximum Profit System, we help raise your APH year over year and improve your operation.

How does AgVenture help you make the most of your crop? 

  • Maximum Profit System™ — Let us show you a way to increase production, lower your cost per bushel, and realize more profit. Too many growers believe higher yield is out of their control, but it doesn’t happen by chance. Our Maximum Profit System can help you reach your crop’s genetic yield potential as a result of better planning and decision-making.
  • AgVenture Yield Specialists — They are your friends in the field. Hands-on experts work with you all year round to develop and execute a crop plan tailored to your farm and help you throughout the entire growing season, providing advice on fertility, tillage, pests, weeds, disease treatments and much more. You’ll receive local knowledge and decision making that delivers answers to timely questions — we challenge you to find anyone who can offer better, more consistent service and advice.
  • Genetics — Teaming with AgVenture D&M gives you access to a large pool of genetic options and our “local” selection process focuses on those hybrids that perform at the highest level in your region. Your Yield Specialist then takes seed selection all the way to individual fields.
  • Technologies — Simplified refuge and targeted use of double-stack varieties for non-rootworm infested geographies are two examples of the best use of technologies. But it isn’t just stacking one trait on top of another; the right selection of available technology is what propels growers to the highest level of performance.
  • Protecting your investment — Today’s seed treatments not only protect your stand but also increase your yield potential. That’s why we offer Poncho®/VOTiVO™ for corn and Security™ Optimize® for soybeans. AgVenture D&M treats soybean seed at our Kentland, Ind., facility throughout the season to make sure you have access to protection of all your soybean acres.

If you’re ready to change your way of thinking, schedule an on-farm visit with your local Yield Specialist. We’re eager to learn about your operation and how we can work together to raise your yields to new heights.

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