AgVenture Advantages

As an AgVenture D&M Customer, you’ll not only benefit from planting our high quality corn, soybean and alfalfa seed, you’ll also realize several other key advantages that set us apart from our competitors. This includes:

AgVenture Maximum Profit SystemMaximum Profit System

If you are willing to change how you think about growing your crops, your best days are ahead of you. Profitability is more than input costs and market prices. You see, regardless of those factors, you must have high yields. Too many growers believe breaking yield barriers is out of their control. But with AgVenture’s Maximum Profit System (MPS), we can help your crop reach its genetic yield potential through superior planning, seed selection and product placement.


AgVenture One-on-one RelationshipsOne-on-One Relationships

The key to success – for us and our growers – is the one-on-one relationships we build. By having a local AgVenture Yield Specialist monitor your fields with you throughout the growing season, we'll be able to guide you in the best planting practices and field management for a successful, high-yielding harvest. And at the end of the season, we’re still right by your side – providing you with a full evaluation of how well your crops did and what you can do to boost your performance for the next year.


AgVenture Diverse Hybrid Corn GeneticsDiverse Genetics and Superior Traits

With AgVenture D&M, you’ll receive unparalleled access to the industry’s most diverse inbred combinations and elite germplasm pools. You’ll also receive the highest-yielding trait hybrid combinations. Because of this access, we’ll help you find the best possible crop plan for your fields by selecting seed that is suited for your field locations, typical weather conditions, soil type and farming practices.



networkA Network of Knowledge

There is strength in numbers, which is why AgVenture D&M networks with 41 other independent companies in 24 states. The ability to tap into the AgVenture Regional Seed Company network offers you access to local company service with the critical mass of a large seed company. Ask your AgVenture High Yield Specialist about attending one of our AgVenture Universities or Lunch & Learn Sessions, where knowledge is profit.


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