"The best thing about working with an AYS is the knowledge and support they bring to the farm"
  - Travis Michl, Newton, Illinois

Knowledge and expertise in your corner.

I have been working with AgVenture since 2002 for our 3,000 acres in Newton, Illinois. The AgVenture experience is much more personal than with other seed companies, and over the years, they have given me the ideal seed for my land.  

My AgVenture Yield Specialist, Colt Halloran, has the knowledge and service skills that you can’t get anywhere else. He takes an interest in my farm and crops, and he does everything he can to maximize my profits. Colt is always on top of research, science and technology, which he uses to help me. He has improved our bottom line by maximizing each acre’s potential and helped me fully implement the Maximum Profit System. I have found that my crops are more efficient based on product placement, which optimizes each field’s potential. With AgVenture, the service is outstanding, and their level of dedication makes my life much easier.