About Us

AgVenture has provided customers with leading-edge products for over 35 years. We leverage our access to major genetics suppliers and the world’s leading technology programs to select optimal combinations of high-yield genetics and traits that best match your specific growing conditions.

While our corporate headquarters in Kentland, Ind., does everything you’d expect your seed company to do – research genetics, evaluate products and deliver a wide variety of high-performing hybrids – we at AgVenture D&M understand that having someone with you at the frontline is also important. You need a friend in the field that will help you fine-tune product recommendations and maximize your profits. Our AgVenture Yield Specialists do just that – helping you select the best corn, soybean and alfalfa seed for your fields. We ensure success through their extensive knowledge of planting depth and planter speed. And we give you tips toward boosting your year-to-year performance. This culture of quality and award-winning service assures you get the best in every bag.

AgVenture D&M, Inc.
402 W. Wilson Street
P.O. Box 102
Kentland, IN 47951
Toll Free: 800.933.0259
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