AgVenture D&M is a locally owned seed company that strives to bring you - the grower - the best corn, soybean and alfalfa products available.

    As part of AgVenture corporate – the nation's largest network of independent Regional Seed Companies, we have access to a wide range of top performing genetics as well as the world's leading technology. Plus, our AgVenture Yield Specialists continually work with you throughout the growing season to provide you with local agronomic expertise. We'll give you advice on planting depth, tillage practices, and how to deal with disease, weeds and pests – such as aphids and european corn borer – along with so much more. That's a hands-on, custom approach you won't find anywhere else! Pair this with our exclusive Maximum Profit System (MPS), which focuses entirely on matching the right high-yielding hybrids and varieties to the exact conditions on your farm shows, and we'll show you how to increase production, while lowering your cost per bushel.

    With AgVenture D&M on your side, you'll soon be breaking through yield barriers and achieving yields you never thought possible. Take the first step and set up an appointment with your local AgVenture Yield Specialist today.

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    Recent News…

    AgVenture D&M to remain in Kentland, Indiana, despite AgVenture, Inc. changes
    It was recently announced that the AgVenture Inc., office in Kentland, Indiana is relocating to Johnston, Iowa. This change will not affect AgVenture D&M or the growers we serve. The AgVenture, Inc., office is responsible for producing and distributing seed to all AgVenture RSCs, including AgVenture D&M, but we are independently owned and operated and will remain headquartered in Kentland. We will continue to serve our growers by selecting and marketing the highest performing seed varieties for our area, and we're happy to answer any questions you may have. We thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to working with you in the 2016 season and the years to come.



    Walk the Fields with Us

    At AgVenture D&M, our customers and the success of their operations are our No. 1 priority. That's why we go to their farms and talk to them about how we can make things better. In this video, John, Josh and James Kirkpatrick of Triple J Farms explain why they believe we are "good people who care about what they do."

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